• Friday pub

    On Friday 6 January 2023, a new offer started here at Hjellup Fjordbo: Friday Pub. We will open our doors at 20.00 and stay open until 01.00. Here guests can buy good drinks and simple tasty snacks, have a nice time together and maybe play a game, participate in a quiz or just sit and chat. So far [...]

  • Summer cafe throughout July

    This summer we are holding an open summer café at Hjellup Fjordbo throughout July. The opening hours are from 12.00 to 16.00 every day. So far the weather has not been the best, but still some people come by for a visit. We serve lunch dishes and simple cakes/yeast pastries. Here you have the opportunity to taste our very own keburger made from meat [...].

  • Creative weekend - with treasures from the shore

    Friday 9 to Sunday 11 September is the time for a creative weekend here at Hjellup Fjordbo, and this time we will be inspired by what we find on the shore. Miriam Lie, the artist behind the creations shown here, joins us as an inspiration. She will take us on a treasure hunt on the shore and share her quirky and [...].

  • The Christmas table season starts on 19 November

    The Christmas party season with us here at Hjellup Fjordbo is approaching and we have set aside all weekends from 19 November until 18 December for Christmas party events. We can also arrange Christmas parties on weekdays, should anyone wish to do so. In order for us to set up a full Christmas party, there must be at least [...]

  • Glamping and mini houses

    We are already in August and summer is coming to an end, but here at Hjellup Fjordbo there is still a lot going on. Earlier this summer we have prepared our mini house for rent, and now it has already been rented out a few times. We call it Litj-stua, and it is located high and free, with a fantastic view. [...]

  • Summer at Hjellup Fjordbo

    Summer is here again, and although the corona still hangs over us like a shadow and probably makes most of us take Norwegian holidays this year as well, a family holiday or a couple's holiday at Hjellup Fjordbo can become an adventurous experience full of good and unforgettable memories for those who set aside a few days [...].

  • The conservatory has been put into full use

    Here we are already in March again, and we have lived a year with the ghost of coronavirus hanging over us. It has been a challenging year, but life must go on regardless. This autumn we finally got our long-awaited winter garden here at Hjellup Fjordbo. It was ready for use on November 1, and was [...].

  • Summer with corona

    The month of August is entering its last week, and summer 2020 is coming to an end. It is noticeable both in the weather and in the number of visitors here at Hjellup Fjordbo. This week it is quite quiet here with us, unlike the last part of July and the first part of August. After the corona virus made its [...].

  • Summer 2020

    So the summer of 2020 is here, and for us it was another summer that didn't quite go according to plan. With the corona crisis and travel restrictions from Europe, there were quite a few cancellations here with us. To remedy this, we had to turn our marketing towards the Norwegian market. It has been laborious to reach out with [...]

  • Towards summer at Hjellup Fjordbo

    So May is almost over and summer is ahead. This will probably be a different summer than what we had imagined. Originally we had many bookings from foreign tourists who wanted to come and stay with us, but due to entry restrictions, most of them have now cancelled. There is a lot of talk about Norwegian holidays and [...]