The area around Hjellup Fjordbo offers a wide range of activities.

Nature experiences

The lighting conditions at the fjord changes with the seasons and time of day. They are an experience in themselves for recreation, creativity and photography.

The area around Hjellup Fjordbo is rich in plant and wildlife. In addition to fish and many different sea birds, you may also be lucky enough to see whales such as porpoises or killer whales in the fjord. On land, you can meet deer and moose, and many different birds such as eagles and owls. 

Go fishing

For those who want to try their luck at fishing, there are several places in the area where it is possible to fish from shore, or you can hire a boat in the marina here in Leksvik to get out on the fjord.

Kayak rental

There are many nice places along the lake at Hjellup Fjordbo that are suitable for swimming, barbecues and evening cuddles. Rent a kayak or SUP here with us for a different nature experience. 

Cycling tours

Leksvik and its surroundings are a great place to experience by bike. Rent bikes from us and get lots of good route tips included.


We have a fantastic playground for the little ones, with a trampoline, swing, zipline, climbing frame and even a little more. Here, the children can make their days go by with lots of laughter and joy. 


A refreshing fjord bath in one of the country's cleanest fjords is not to be frowned upon, and our beach is well suited for both sunbathing and swimming. In the summer, we also have a water trampoline outside the beach, to the delight of young and old. 

In need of higher temperature and more comfort? Why don't you rent a jacuzzi on the beach. Imagine enjoying a warm bath in the light of torches on a dark autumn evening!


Leksvik and Fosen have a lot to offer for those who want an active holiday. Not far away Hjellup Fjordbo, in Trøa Idrettspark there is a nice Discgolf course that can be recommended whether you are a beginner or advanced. We also have our own practice course at Hjellup Fjordbo.

Otherwise, we can recommend a trip in the Munkstigen Via Ferrata and the Fosen Via Ferrata, both a short drive away.

Farm and mountain farm visits

At Hjellup farm you can get to know the Boer goats. They graze in the area around Hjellup Fjordbo in the summer, and enjoy the company of both young and old. 

Leksvik Seterlag has mountain farms (setre) which are open to visitors in the summer. These can be great destinations and provide experiences in the form of good stories, traditional food and contact with farm animals.


Here there are fantastic hiking areas both by the fjord and not least in the mountains, also called the Fosen Alps. The booklet Trips in Leksvik contains a number of good tips for such trips with maps and marked trails. On the website www. ut .no also contains many suggestions for hiking.

Perler på en snor (Beads on a string)

There is much to experience in Leksvik and around Fosen in Trøndelag. Perler på en snor (Beads on a string) has collected a bunch of exciting places that are worth a visit. Choose a few, or visit all the pearls and that way experience a Norway in miniature with elements of history, art and delicious food experiences. Here you can find, among other things, the Museum of Coastal Heritage, which has been placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The brewery row in Råkvåg with its well-preserved piers is also worth a visit.