Tourists on Fosen

Tourists in Fosen appreciate the silence, nature and beautiful light

Many people wonder what kind of tourists are here in Fosen and what they do while they are here. We can only comment on those who visit Hjellup Fjordbo, and from their feedback we know a little about what they are looking for, what they experience and what experiences they appreciate.

Many of our guests come from Europe, primarily countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, but we also have guests from other parts of the world, such as the USA. They tend to be couples or families with children of various ages who visit us. These tourists often rent vacation homes with us for anything from a few days to three or four weeks. From their feedback, we know that they appreciate the peace and quiet down here by the fjord, with the sound of waves crashing and birdsong as an accompaniment. The beautiful light and the changing colors of the sea are also highlighted as something they value.

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Our Norwegian tourists in Fosen often come here to visit family and friends in the area or to experience Dome Smiberget. Families with children also appreciate our playground and the peaceful goats that roam freely in the area.

The tourists who visit us take advantage of all the offers around Trondheimsfjorden, most of which are within an hour's reach from Hjellup Fjordbo. Here is what one of our German guests wrote after their visit here with us: We have swam in the fjord, fished and caught a big fish, saw porpoises and beautiful sunrises and sunsets, experienced thunderstorms and more rainbows than ever. We explored the country in all directions and got to know kind-hearted people and the children made new friends. We got to eat local delicacies and drank beer with a funny name (Three Old Ladies). We fell asleep to the sound of the sea, woke up refreshed, collected beautiful shells and sent a message in a bottle. We hiked in the mountains and saw amazing scenery, impressive waterfalls and moose! We built a cairn to mark a place that we consider one of the most beautiful we have been to (Hjellup Fjordbo).

Such a description shows that our visitors find more than enough to fill their time while they are here, and return home with many good experiences in their luggage. For our part, we are happy to recommend guests to visit local suppliers of goods and experiences, which they appreciate and which makes them shop and eat locally, go on a visit to the mountain pastures or visit other of the Pearls of Fosen and otherwise what there is to experience in the Fosen region. Trondheim and the Golden Detour are of course also popular destinations that we recommend.

In summary, we can say that tourists in Fosen want to experience exactly what we have to offer in terms of beautiful light and nature, wildlife and great hiking opportunities, as well as sights in the area. We take much of this for granted, which is why it is perhaps difficult to see the value of it to the same extent as those who do not have this where they live. Tourists also appreciate the hospitality they experience here. Some of our guests have stated that they experience a level of hospitality in Fosen that is rare. They get the impression that they are welcome and wanted, and that people here like tourists. This is the best starting point for getting people to enjoy themselves, stay here for a long time and come back.

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Tourists at Fosen appreciate the silence, beautiful light and proximity to nature