Dome Smiberget

Dome Smiberget is an Arctic dome placed on a mountain shelf on Smiberget. This is a small mountain plateau where there used to be a farm smithy (hence the name Smiberget).

The spectacular location gives you the feeling of hanging on the edge of the cliff. Sit and look out over the fjord as the light slowly sinks into the sea. Lie in bed and watch the starry sky, or wake up to the morning light that colors the sky and the fjord in all the colors of the rainbow. Absolutely magical!

23 sq m

Double bed

Dome Smiberget at Hjellup Fjordbo in Leksvik, spectacular accommodation in Fosen.

Dome Smiberget - glamping at its best

Dome Smiberget gives a sense of luxury and easily transports you to the 1001 Nights feeling, with its solid Persian carpet, gorgeous old-style furniture and the white, fluffy tent cloth that wraps it all up.

There is no privacy here, but from inside you have a good view through the windows in the front and in the ceiling, both over the fjord and towards the sky. The dome is spacious and has high ceilings. 

Breakfast can be served in the Dome for an extra 230,- per person. It is also possible to order a three-course dinner served in our conservatory. 

NB! For practical reasons, you must book both breakfast and dinner at least 24 hours in advance.

In the dome, you have access to air conditioning/heat pump, a pellet stove and an electric/gas oven. These facilities make your stay comfortable whatever the season. The dome has electricity. About 20 meters from the Dome on Smiberget is a house with a separate toilet and shower available for our guests. 

You can also rent our heated jacuzzi on the beachfront. Remember to make an appointment in advance!

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the domain. If you want to bring your dog here to Hjellup Fjordbo, we recommend our cozy cabin Grindaplassen instead.

Price per night for 2 persons, 2300,- (low season, spring and autumn)/ 2500,- (high season - summer)/ 2700,- (winter season, November - March)


  • Towels/bed linen included
  • Bathing area
  • Kayak, SUP and small boat rental
  • Kettle
  • Air conditioning/heat pump
  • Pellet stove
  • Electricity/gas stove
  • Toilet paper, soap and hair products

Close by

  • Fishing opportunities
  • Grocery store
  • The Trondheim Fjord
  • Beach
  • Township
  • Hiking terrain
  • Jacuzzi (can be rented)
  • Farm animals

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Video and editing: Ragnar Næss

Dome - a symbol of human ingenuity

The dome, with its unique and aesthetically pleasing structure, has been a symbol of human ingenuity and creativity for centuries.

What exactly is this building?

A dome is an architectural form that looks like a hemisphere or a curved vault.

The history of the dome dates back to antiquity, when it was first used in structures such as the Pantheon in Rome.

Domes were often used in religious buildings. This reflects their symbolic significance.

Store norske leksikon (SNL) points out that the word dome comes from the Latin word for house. SNL describes the dome as an oblong or dome-shaped vault, and has in its definition thought more about geology and volcanic masses - rather than attractions such as Dome Smiberget.