Accommodation by Hjellup Fjordbo

Prices from NOK 1400/night

Well equipped, lovely location. Friendly and helpful hosts.
Kirsti Grønvoll
Friendly hosts, delicious food, perfect surroundings. This is not just a place to stay, but a whole experience.
Rune Bergsmyr
Have been there for both accommodation and conference with dinner. Can safely recommend the place :)
Per-Arne Sæther
Fantastic location, unique atmosphere in the restaurant, friendly staff who deliver to the max. Deliciously prepared three-course dinner and a great selection of drinks. Sleep under a starry sky in Dome Smiberget. Perhaps Trøndelag's most beautiful overnight experience.
Fantastic space and great service. So cozy, with great service. 4th time I have been there. Highly recommended!!!!
Eli Kristin Vandsvik