About us

Hjellup Fjordbo is beautifully situated on the Fosen Peninsula on a traditional and vibrant farm with a history that goes back hundreds of years. Here on the north side of the Trondheimsfjord, the views and light conditions are worth a visit in themselves. The place has a good atmosphere that provides room for recreation, peace and quiet and shoulders lowered and experiences in the form of nice walks in nature and on the fjord. Hjellup Fjordbo is located near the village of Leksvik, an active rural community where most services are available, in addition to many exciting cultural activities throughout the year.

About Hjellup Fjordbo

At Hjellup, Marit and Ola Hjellup live and run a farm with cattle and Boer goats, and have also set up Hjellup Fjordbo as a sideline to the farm. The facility at Drivhussletta was built in the winter of 2017 - 2018, and was officially opened on 10 June 2018. It consists of five holiday homes, as well as a small service and meeting room with kitchen and toilet facilities. A boat harbour was also under construction and should be operational in summer 2018.

On 20 June, 10 days after the opening, a large landslide of 1.3 km along the beach and in the sea outside Hjellup Fjordbo. Experts believe that the landslide probably started with the newly built marina sliding out, before spreading further in both directions. It was a dramatic few days, and for a while it was feared that parts of the buildings in Leksvik would also collapse. Fortunately, the slide stopped as suddenly as it started, and neither human lives nor buildings were lost, except for a boathouse here at Hjellup that disappeared into the fjord. Although no damage was done to the newly built holiday homes and the surrounding area, it still had major consequences for Hjellup Fjordbo, which was closed on the day, until ground investigations and possible safety measures were completed.

It has taken time and a lot of effort, but just over a year after the landslide, and with good support from the local community, we were ready to reopen the facility again on 7 July 2019. The site can now be declared 100% safe against landslides, with a long wall of pipe piles below the buildings that prevent possible slips and collapses in the future (large steel pipes close together that are drilled all the way down into the rock and reinforced and cast in place).

In addition to the facility at Drivhussletta, Hjellup Fjordbo has a rental cabin - Grindaplassen. It is idyllically situated on its own with fantastic views of the fjord.

The story of the farm Hjellup

For centuries there has been farming of cows, goats, pigs and hens here at Hjellup Fjordbo, along with forestry and cultivating all kinds of vegetables. The location close to the fjord also made fishing an important part of the farm's activity in previous generations. Different industries have also been tried, for example Ola's great-grandparents delivered marble from the farm to buildings in Trondheim and Ola's grandparents ran a boarding house. The local boat that went in the Trondheimsfjord had its own quay with a call here at Hjellup, so it goes without saying that tourism has also been part of the farm's history in earlier times.

Ola's parents had a greenhouse where they grew tomatoes for sale. After they gave up, the greenhouse remained down by the sea, on the best part of the property, and eventually only the ruins remained. The old boiler house that supplied the greenhouse with heat was maintained, and when Marit and Ola took over the farm, they began to play with the idea of building something on the site where the old greenhouse was located. The first plans were drawn up in 2007, and an application for permission was submitted, but was rejected at the time. In 2016, Marit and Ola decided to investigate the possibilities again, and this time they got the municipality on board, and since then it's been one step at a time. Today there are five holiday homes on Drivhussletta. The old lighthouse house has been upgraded and has become a meeting room/company room in connection with the facility.

Our philosophy

In our affluent society, we see a trend where too much is thrown away after a short period of use because it is not modern or because people simply get tired of what they have and want something new. We want to counterbalance this trend in order to conserve resources and thus contribute to sustainable development for the environment and future generations. This has also been our philosophy in building Hjellup Fjordbo. Some of the things we have done in this context are the following:

  • We have chosen to use geothermal energy as our primary heating source for our buildings. This, in addition to LED lamps in all rooms means significant savings in energy usage.
  • We have largely furnished the homes with recycled materials. All kitchens are bought second-hand and adapted so that they can still be useful and continue to function. Most of the furniture (apart from the beds) is also reused and most of the cups and dishes in the cupboards have been bought second-hand.

We hope that you who use the facilities will also be part of our philosophy for a better environment.

"Room for great experiences"

When it came to choosing the slogan for Hjellup Fjordbo, we chose "Room for good experiences". The reason for this is of course that the place itself has a good atmosphere that invites good experiences, but also that the proximity to the fjord and nature in the area with the beautiful light that changes according to all seasons and time of day, can be a fantastic experience in itself. But we have much more to offer, and you can read more about this under Activities.