Recreation in Leksvik - a long tradition

A walk along the sea to the large stone on Hylla may seem like recreation to many.

Leksvik and Fosen have a long tradition as a destination for people seeking peace, quiet and recreation.

Many people have expressed that they find a sense of calm when they come to Fosen and Leksvik, as their shoulders drop and stress is released. It's difficult to say for sure what makes this happen. Perhaps it's the beautiful nature, the beautiful light or simply that the pace is a little slower on this beautiful peninsula on the north side of the Trondheimsfjord. Either way, something happens to many people when they come here.

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People coming to Leksvik for recreation is not a new phenomenon. In earlier times, it was common for farms in Leksvik to welcome tired housewives and families from Trondheim who needed to rest. They could rent a room for a few weeks with full board and lodging, and probably experienced life in Leksvik as the best recreation, far away from city life. However, Trondheim was no further away than a short boat trip, which made it relatively easy to get back and forth. This tradition probably dates back hundreds of years.

Hjellup Farm was one of these farms that welcomed guests in need of peace, quiet and recreation. Here they were given their own room and delicious, home-cooked food served at every meal based on the farm's own produce. We know that one of the guests who came here to rest for a few weeks was Mrs. Stensrud, who was married to the owner of the Britannia Hotel in Trondheim in the 1940s. Back then, it was Ola's grandmother who was responsible for the rental and cooking. Mrs. Stensrud greatly appreciated her stay and returned home with renewed strength and courage.

Perhaps Hjellup Fjordbo is a new link in a long tradition of offering recreation in beautiful Leksvik on Fosen?

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Recreation can also include contact with farm animals such as the Boer goats at Hjellup Fjordbo.

Comfortable beds where you can fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves and wake up to breathtaking views, providing peace of mind and renewed energy.
Hjellup Fjordbo follows a long tradition of recreation in Leksvik.