Romantic accommodation - a break from everyday life

Love needs nourishment and maintenance if it is to last and grow solid and strong. A romantic overnight stay for just the two of you provides a break from everyday life and time to get closer to each other.

It is absolutely necessary to take breaks to cultivate love in an otherwise demanding life filled with obligations and a fast pace. For a relationship, this is as important as food for the body. If you try to ignore this, there is a great risk that what was once so valuable, warm and genuine will end up as something you want to get out of or, at best, just endure. Love at any age needs nourishment to last and become what we really want. This is worth the effort, both in terms of time and money!

Here you can read more about what you can do to keep your love warm.

One way to make sure you grow your love is to set aside time for a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend on a regular basis to focus on talking, doing things together, making memories together, simply growing your love and showing your appreciation for each other. A romantic overnight stay can be such a way to take a break from everyday life. Here at Hjellup Fjordbo , we have several options that are ideal for couples of all ages to create memories together. How about surprising your partner with a get-away for a night or a weekend?

The most obvious of our offers for romantic accommodation is probably Dome Smiberget. Here you'll be in your very own little "bubble" with a sense of luxury and nature close by. To get more out of the experience, we can offer our very own three-course dinner in the conservatory at Drivhussletta served with stories on the side, a jacuzzi down by the shore and breakfast served in the dome. This provides experiences that will bind you together and be stored in the memory bank. The age range of couples staying in our dome is wide, and the oldest have been well over 80 years old. Read more about accommodation in Dome Smiberget here.

We also have other offers that are well suited to romantic accommodation for those who don't think dome glamping is a big deal. Our cabin at Grindaplassen is a fantastic place to retreat in solitude. Here you're all to yourselves and can light the fire in the living room, enjoy good food and drink and enjoy each other's company. Our houses at Drivhussletta and Litj-stua can also be great options for romantic accommodation and a break from everyday life. All options can be booked with extras such as a three-course dinner, jacuzzi and breakfast, if desired.

Feel free to contact us for more information or for special requests!

Couples of all ages need to take care of each other and cultivate love in order for it to last.