Scanmagazine experience of the month

Hjellup Fjordbo follows a long tradition of recreation in Leksvik.

In the September issue of Scanmagazine 2023, you can read about Hjellup Fjordbo. In fact, Hjellup Fjordbo is listed as this month's experience of the month in scanmagazine. 

Scanmagazine is a magazine that is distributed both in paper and online. The paper edition can be found on board flights with some of the largest airlines, at airports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and on some of the major ferries that travel to and from the Scandinavian countries. The magazine is printed in 20,000 copies and it is estimated that each printed magazine has an average of 5-6 readers. In addition, there are readers of the digital edition, which is estimated at around 50,000. In total, this means a number of around 150,000 - 170,000 readers each month. Being listed as "Experience of the Month" in Scanmagazine can have a huge impact on a small business like Hjellup Fjordbo.

Being featured in such a large and wide-ranging magazine as Scanmagazine means that even more people can get to know our place and what we have to offer. Many of our guests come to Norway via plane or ferry from Europe. Now even more of the travelers from Europe to Norway can have the opportunity to discover what Trøndelag and Fosen have to offer. Hopefully, this can lead to more guests and an extended season for tourists who want to visit our peaceful and beautiful place here on beautiful Fosen. 

Here you can read the article from the digital edition of Scanmagazine.

Now we're excited to see if the article as Scanmagazine's experience of the month will yield concrete results in the form of more orders and visits to us here at Hjellup Fjordbo. If so, Leksvik as a village, our municipality, the whole of Fosen and Trøndelag will benefit, in addition to the company being built up and becoming more solid. 

Read more about our accommodation options here.

Hjellup Fjordbo is the experience of the month in Scanmagazine for September 2023