Autumn in Fosen - and the beautiful light

Hjellup Fjordbo in the evening light, as an illustration for an article about autumn in Fosen.

Autumn in Fosen: Many would argue that autumn is the most beautiful season here in Fosen. There are several reasons for this, and the beautiful light that Fosen is famous for is one of them.

Light comes into its own as the darkness approaches. The evening sky reflecting the light of the sun long after it has set below the horizon creates long-lasting magic, while the colors change from yellow, orange, pink, purple and violet before darkness falls.

Magical opportunities for photography

The Trondheimsfjord lies there like a mirror, reflecting the performance in silent reverence. The same happens when the morning is about to dawn. For those who enjoy photography, these are magical moments that change from second to second and can provide countless beautiful motifs.

It is well known that Trondheimsfjorden and the surrounding areas can have very beautiful light conditions, especially at sunrise and sunset.

The fjord landscape with water, mountains and forest creates a fantastic setting for the light - and weather conditions such as fog or clear skies create a special atmosphere. The long days of sunshine in summer and low light in winter can also contribute to unique lighting experiences.

Photographers and artists find inspiration in this landscape, and it may be worth visiting Trondheimsfjorden to experience the light for yourself.

But Fosen has more to offer. If you like hiking in the mountains, autumn is probably the best time of year for this. Here in Fosen, there are countless marked trails that lead to great hiking destinations with magnificent views of the plains or the fjord. Here you can enjoy the fresh autumn air in silence, accompanied only by the sounds of nature, with autumn's colorful masterpieces as a backdrop.

Autumn on Fosen: Help yourself to nature's food treasures

If you like to harvest from nature's larder, the forest and plains of Fossen also have a lot to offer. Berries and mushrooms of all kinds abound here. Bring a bucket or basket and spend the day out in nature, and you won't come home empty-handed. If several of you go together, the experiences can be shared and there is enough for everyone, young and old.

If you haven't experienced Fosen in the fall, it's really worth a visit! Set aside some time, bring your family or good friends and visit us at Hjellup Fjordbo. You won't regret it! The great experiences are waiting for you.

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