Christmas table

When fall arrives, it's time to start planning Christmas parties for companies and teams. Creating an enjoyable pre-Christmas gathering to celebrate colleagues, employees and business partners is a great and important tradition in Norway.

When we are invited to a Christmas party, we often have certain expectations of what this entails. Festively dressed people, good food and drink and pleasant surroundings that create a good Christmas atmosphere are precisely what we look for in a successful Christmas party. Apart from these prerequisites, there may also be various personal expectations that need to be met. This may involve personal matters such as who to sit with, thoughts about entertainment, music and much more.

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There are many providers of Christmas parties, ranging from large hotels and restaurants that welcome groups from different companies and teams for large, communal Christmas parties to small restaurants where individual teams or companies can meet in a more intimate setting. For some, it is desirable to travel a distance to hold a Christmas party somewhere other than where they travel on a daily basis, and then accommodation with breakfast is also a natural part of the package. Others just want an evening of good food and drink together, and then go home afterwards. There are many options, so you have to choose what suits you best.

At Hjellup Fjordbo we constantly receive requests to arrange Christmas parties. We think this is nice, and we are happy to provide Christmas parties for teams, companies and others who want to visit us. We can also offer accommodation and breakfast in connection with the Christmas party for those who wish to do so. Our Christmas party is of a more intimate nature, and we do our best to make our guests feel welcome and find the good Christmas atmosphere. The capacity of our premises is a maximum of 30 people, but in order for us to arrange a full Christmas party, there should be a minimum of 20 people (it is of course possible to combine several small groups/companies). We also welcome small groups (minimum 10 people) for Christmas platters, but this must be booked in advance.

At our Christmas parties, we want the food to be of the best quality and to reproduce the great Christmas flavors. When you book a Christmas dinner with us, you can either choose:

  • Traditional Christmas food with ribs, medisterkaker, Christmas sausages and pinnekjøtt with good side dishes or
  • Hjellup Christmas pick, a tapas menu with a good selection of Christmas flavors.

Both options include an aperitif as well as a dessert buffet and coffee. We also have an open bar in connection with the Christmas table and a good selection of drinks. In our winter garden, there is the opportunity to take a swing for those who love to dance.

Would you like to host a Christmas party at Hjellup Fjordbo? Feel free to contact us!

Christmas table at Hjellup Fjordbo provides a great Christmas atmosphere.