Our little gift shop

children and adults play with Boer goats.

At Hjellup Fjordbo we also have our own gift shop with selected local products. If you are looking for that special gift for someone you love, it may be worthwhile to stop by for a visit or contact us. You can of course also buy a gift card for the desired amount. This can be used for accommodation, dining and to buy some of our products. Welcome to visit us when it suits you or get in touch!


We have several different types of honey for sale, both Inge Hagen's "Leksvik honey" and honey from Helleberg farm at Frosta: summer honey, heather honey and bell heather honey. You can either buy gift packs with several different types of honey or individual jars.


NOK 119 per jar (250 g/8,8 oz), Leksvik honey/ Helleberg honey

NOK 169 for gift packaging with 2 glasses (each 125 g/4,4 oz)

NOK 219 for gift packs with 3 glasses (each 125 g/4,4 oz)

Products from Tautra Mariakloster

Tautra Mariakloster is located on the island of Tautra in the Trondheimsfjord outside Hjellup Fjordbo. In the old days, before the Reformation (before 1537) Hjellup farm belonged to the monastery. Now we find it interesting to make old connections by selling some of their products. We have both creams, soaps and lip balm, and all these are quality products that we can highly recommend.


St. Olav's cream (150 g/5,3 oz), NOK 290

Lavender hand cream (65 ml/2,2 fl oz), NOK 269

Cucumber day cream (50 ml/1,7 fl oz), NOK 265

Lip balm (15 g/0,5 oz), NOK 99

Oval soap in a box (Christmas spices - smells fantastic and can be used all year round), NOK 119

Goat's milk soap (especially good for eczema skin, extra dry skin etc. - without perfume), NOK 139

Hair and beard shampoo, bar, SEK 149

Hair conditioner, bar, SEK 139

Knitted products

Here are some of Hjellup Fjordbo's own knitted products.


Knitted hat with tassel from Hjellup Fjordbo, 390

Set with hat w/boer goat tassel and scarf, NOK 590

Knitted headband, NOK 290

Mittens, knitted and felted, NOK 298

Slippers, knitted and felted, NOK 299 (child), NOK 399 (adult)

Knitted and felt pot mat (heart), NOK 179

children and adults play with Boer goats.

Cheese from Hindrum Gårdsysteri and kjesnabb and apple cheese from Hjellup

Hindrum Gårdsysteri is about 15 km further out in the fjord. Exciting cheeses are made from organic milk. Some of them are highly prized and all the cheeses have been named after places in the local area. We sell a small selection of these cheeses in our gift packs: Våttåhaug, Aksnes and Kjerringklump

Price: NOK 450 for a gift package with three different cheeses

Our own kjesnabb is a cured sausage made from the farm's own Boergeit cow, flavored with wild garlic.

Price: 159,- per piece.

Our own apple juice with apples from the farm is pressed and bottled at Inderøy Mosteri.

Price: 119,- per bottle

Silver jewellery (a long standing Norwegian tradition) 

We sell lots of fine silver jewelery made by Nell Andreassen at Inderøy. Many of the pieces of jewelery are based on old silverware that is given new life again through her artistic expressions. We have both rings, earrings, pendants and some necklaces and bracelets. Each individual piece of jewelery is unique, so these must be seen. Feel free to stop by for a look!

Prices: from NOK 398

The Leksvik cup

Our popular leksvik cup is only available here.

Leksvik cup, mug, SEK 259

Gift mugs with text (e.g. "Today is your day", "Every day with you is a day of joy"), 179,- €.

Chocolate from Jentene på tunet

We sell chocolate from the award-winning local chocolate producer Jentene på tunet. The chocolate is produced in Selbu and if you haven't tried it, well, you've missed out! Perfect as a gift for any occasion, big or small.

Here's our selection:

  • Hand-painted chocolate heart with hazelnut crunch, 69
  • Licorice happiness, original/raspberry, box, 125
  • Coffee candy, 6 pieces of chocolate with different flavors, SEK 145
  • Northern lights, a taste of heaven, 9 bites, 265,-
  • Gift box, can be used for chocolate from Jentene på tunet and gift cards at Hjellup Fjordbo, 50,-.
Chocolate from Jentene på tunet comes in many varieties