Christmas and New Year at Hjellup Fjordbo

Happy New Year! Here at Hjellup Fjordbo the New Year was celebrated with a wedding anniversary for the owners Marit and Ola Hjellup. Although the weather was not the best, rain and wind, it was a very nice celebration, and we also got some fireworks sent up around midnight.

Otherwise, we have had a number of visitors in December, with Christmas parties and accommodation in addition to accommodation in connection with the celebration of Christmas and New Year. In the New Year's weekend it was actually completely full both in the houses at Drivhussletta and at Grindaplassen. On Christmas Eve in the evening there was some nice Christmas snow that remained on the ground for much of the Christmas season. It gave a little extra Christmas spirit. The snow disappeared just before New Year, when rain and wind set in.

We hope and believe that our guests enjoyed themselves and had a nice celebration in our idyllic place, regardless of the weather conditions. In fact, it can be at least as nice here at Hjellup Fjordbo when there are a few waves on the fjord and the clouds and light that are constantly changing when there is a storm.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has followed us over the past year, and we look forward to a prosperous and happy year in 2020, both for Hjellup Fjordbo and for all of you!