Summer 2020

So the summer of 2020 is here, and for us it was another summer that didn't quite go according to plan. With the corona crisis and travel restrictions from Europe, there were quite a few cancellations here with us. To remedy this, we had to turn our marketing towards the Norwegian market. It has been laborious to reach out with what we have to offer, but we have had some Norwegian guests visit, and more are sure to come. The feedback from these has been overwhelmingly positive, which is very nice and gives a little extra motivation. The big difference between foreign holiday tourists and Norwegian tourists is that for the foreigners we are a destination, and that means they come here to stay for a week or two. For most Norwegian tourists, we are only a place they stop on their way through, on their way on. That means they stay overnight for a night or two. It makes a big difference to us, both in terms of earnings and work, but everyone who comes by is of course welcome here and we do our best to make sure they enjoy themselves.

As part of the marketing this year, we had a visit from photographer Erik Børseth from Synlig Design and Foto AS. He was hired by Perler on a string to take photos of all the pearls in Indre Fosen, and we have put our photos together in a display that can be seen here .

Ragnar Næss has also been here and filmed with a drone. He has put together the films for this great presentation. We are lucky to have so many good helpers. Now we just hope that these measures will make more people discover the beauty of Hjellup Fjordbo.